Superhero Parties


Have the best party ever with our Superhero Training Party 

Get your Marvel Training from your very own Spiderman or Robin training from your very own Batman.


We offer all kinds of High Energy games & activities based around the theme of Superhero Training, along with Music, Prizes, Bubbles & your opportunity to have photos with your Superhero.


1 Hour £170.00

1.5 Hours £200.00

2 Hours £230.00

2.5 Hours £260.00

3 Hours £290.00

Personalised Video Invites & Messages

 Personalised Video Invites for you to send out to all your guests, with your Superhero as the star - Why send out boring messages or paper invites when you could have Spiderman hanging upside down in New York or Batman live from the Batcave, to invite your guests?

Get your Birthday child / VIP excited for their party with a personalised message from your Superhero - Watch them jump and squeal with joy as Batman invites them to their birthday party, direct from his Batcave or Spiderman hangs upside down in front of the New York skyline talking about how excited he is to meet you and celebrate your special day.


All videos are personalised and filmed specifically and only for you and will include names, dates, locations, times and any other info or special requests.  


Video Invites £30.00

Video Message £30.00

Combined Package $45.00