Sports Day Party

Our Sports Day Party is jam packed with team games and high energy fun to get your little sports fans partying.

Think silly physical games like carrying an orange with your knees, passing a balloon over & under, the relay race, the bouncy ball booty shake and all kinds of healthy competition to get their blood pumping and burn that energy.

      Everyone gets a medal at the end of the party so there's no losers or tears here!

This package is perfect for larger or slightly older groups, and joint parties - each birthday child can be a Team Captain!


Under 25 children = 1 Entertainer

1 Hour £160.00

1.5 Hours £190.00

2 Hours £220.00

2.5 Hours £250.00

Over 25 children = 2 Entertainers

1 Hour £320.00

1.5 Hours £360.00

2 Hours £400.00

2.5 Hours £440.00