Online Mad Science

Lizzy's Loonies Online Science Party Packages include all the usual mad science fun done with every day or recycled objects - perfect for doing at home.

  • Let Professor Lizzy bring the Mad Science fun to

your own home!

  • No impossible to get equipment - All our experiments are done with everyday or recycled objects - things you can find in your home, the local shop or easily delivered.

  • Super Fun & Educational

  • One on One or group party packages

  • All your friends on screen - get your fun socialising in!


  • Experiment with Dr Bernoulli's Air Pressure Theories using a Hairdryer & Ping Pong Balls

  • Manipulate Gravity with an empty can & some water, or a cup & a coaster

  • Launch rockets with VitC tablets & those old film cases you've got in the kitchen draw,

         and lots more crazy science fun, along

        with your very own scientist, lab coat and all.


We are back _ #sirjohnlillieprimary play

We've got all kinds of online mad science to amuse & amaze using nothing but what's in your home or easily delivered through services such as eBay or Amazon.

Have all your guests log into the party to see each other on screen and party like it's 2019.